Monday, June 22, 2009

monday 6/22

It looks like I survived Monday!! Well, it isn't over yet.. but the hard stuff is out of the way.

I learned two things today..... 1) I take terrible pictures of food. 2) I am not very good at making wraps.

With that said.. I will show you some of what I ate today. I am just trying to ease into this, so be patient with me ;)

whole wheat tortilla & almond butter

cherries from the farmer's market

banana w/ blueberry pomegranate sparkling water

whole wheat tortilla w/ light laughing cow cheese, spinach, carrots, pickles, avocado

Also, I stocked up on Luna Bars and Larabars and filled a desk drawer with them:

Todays exercise update:
crunches w/ medicine ball
squats with stability ball
bridge on bosu ball
squats on bosu ball
arm workouts w/ free weights
more stretching
and then I spent some time in the sauna.


  1. I think you take very pretty photos! :) And your wraps look delish!

  2. I agree, your wrap looks awesome! Cool blog, it's nice to start reading someone's journey from the beginning instead of two years into it (like I am with KERF, Carrots n' Cake, etc.)...can't wait to follow along!!