Monday, June 22, 2009

monday 6/22

It looks like I survived Monday!! Well, it isn't over yet.. but the hard stuff is out of the way.

I learned two things today..... 1) I take terrible pictures of food. 2) I am not very good at making wraps.

With that said.. I will show you some of what I ate today. I am just trying to ease into this, so be patient with me ;)

whole wheat tortilla & almond butter

cherries from the farmer's market

banana w/ blueberry pomegranate sparkling water

whole wheat tortilla w/ light laughing cow cheese, spinach, carrots, pickles, avocado

Also, I stocked up on Luna Bars and Larabars and filled a desk drawer with them:

Todays exercise update:
crunches w/ medicine ball
squats with stability ball
bridge on bosu ball
squats on bosu ball
arm workouts w/ free weights
more stretching
and then I spent some time in the sauna.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Thursday 6/18 update

How boring are my titles already? Wow. Well the sun is shining here today! {hooray} I just hope it lasts all day, beeecause I am hoping to go to the driving range with fiance this evening. I am just now starting to attempt golf. One of my girlfriends generously offered me her old set of clubs so I knew it was finally time that I tried out golf. Fiance loves it, so this is a great opportunity for us to spend some time together. I got a bag and some accessories last weekend. Since getting my clubs, I have been to the driving range once and played 9 holes at a par 3 course. So far so good. I know it is going to be a long process and will really test my patience, but I am excited about it. Long story short, I am glad the sun is out because the driving range is my planned exercise for today. If that doesn't work out I will head to the gym.

Gym update for yesterday:

walked 1.5 miles

lots of stretching

bosu ball- squats, bridge, crunches

squats against wall with stability ball

arm workout with light free weights

{at some point i will figure out terminology and give better updates, but for now this will have to do}

weight update:

I know I shouldn't have but I got on the scale this morning. I have lost 1 pound in the last week or so. I have only been to the gym 2 times during that time, so it is mainly due to changing up my menu. Once I have the working out thing under control, I will start posting about eating and focus more on that.

Goals for today:

-some type of movement, hopefully driving range

-drink lots of water

-no alcohol (haven't had ANY since last Friday!!)

-research/plan/work on menu ideas for next week

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Lunch: Wednesday 6/17

Lunch today is Lean Cuisine Chicken Pecan. I need to break my habit of frozen lunches, but I have to finish what I already have in the freezer. This is a new one for me. It is made with 100% whole grain rice.

"roasted chicken tenderloins in a savory pecan sauce with snap peas & brown rice"

6 grams of fat

250 calories

Bosu Ball

Isn't there something about the bosu ball that is kind of scary? Like there is always a chance you will sprain your ankle, fall over, or something else terrible? I have played around with it before but I am going to put some real effort into using the bosu ball. Here are some must-try exercises:




Some others on my list... leg scissors, push ups, back crunches.
I will let you know if I fall off or break anything ;)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

meet the newest member

Meet the newest member of The Gym! As soon as I walked in the house after work, fiance and I changed clothes and headed to The Gym. We got all signed up and headed our separate ways. I walked into the locker room, shoved my bag in a locker, along with the new member packet, and headed out to explore. Things are pretty much the same as when we left. I instantly felt better just being in there. I started on the indoor track. The track circles through the entire second floor of the gym, so I was able to check out everything while I was walking. After I was warmed up, I headed back downstairs for some ab work and arm work. Once that was finished I spent a lot of time stretching because I am basically starting from scratch when it comes to working out. I finished up back on the track. I am SO glad to be back in the gym!!!

I still haven't figured out a workout plan, but for now I am just going to spend some quality time at the gym doing whatever feels right. I will update as I come up with some plans.

What's on my mind for tomorrow? I am thinking BodyFlow after work. Ahh, I have missed that class.

Off to finish my chamomile tea and relax a little bit.

Back in the Gym

The title says it all. I am going back to the gym. Not any old gym.. The Gym. The gym that I used to get myself into the best shape of my life. I guess I need to give you some background information for this to make sense. About three and a half years ago I started weight watchers. I signed up at The Gym and things were great. Lots of hard work, sweat, tears. I got to my goal weight and was in pretty great shape. THEN I decided I could do it on my own, so I quit weight watchers. THEN I decided to cancel my membership at The Gym to save money. I switched to another gym. I stopped working out all together. I tried another gym. Nothing. That brings us back to where I am now. I am WAY far away from my goal weight and I am WAY out of shape. My fiance and I have decided to go back to The Gym. We are headed there this afternoon to sign up. I am beyond excited but at the same time I am terrified. The pressure is on to get back into shape.

This blog will be my tracking tool. I will keep up with my workouts, meals, goals, problems, complaints, bitching, successes, etc. Join me.. this should be a humorous journey.

I am back in the gym.