Tuesday, June 16, 2009

meet the newest member

Meet the newest member of The Gym! As soon as I walked in the house after work, fiance and I changed clothes and headed to The Gym. We got all signed up and headed our separate ways. I walked into the locker room, shoved my bag in a locker, along with the new member packet, and headed out to explore. Things are pretty much the same as when we left. I instantly felt better just being in there. I started on the indoor track. The track circles through the entire second floor of the gym, so I was able to check out everything while I was walking. After I was warmed up, I headed back downstairs for some ab work and arm work. Once that was finished I spent a lot of time stretching because I am basically starting from scratch when it comes to working out. I finished up back on the track. I am SO glad to be back in the gym!!!

I still haven't figured out a workout plan, but for now I am just going to spend some quality time at the gym doing whatever feels right. I will update as I come up with some plans.

What's on my mind for tomorrow? I am thinking BodyFlow after work. Ahh, I have missed that class.

Off to finish my chamomile tea and relax a little bit.

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  1. That sounds so amazing... I miss "The Gym"